Minibus rental 9 places with driver: a solution suitable for all types of travel

The advantages of renting a 9-seater minibus with driver

When you decide to go out with 4 or 5 friends, the car is the most obvious means of transport. However, if you want to travel for 6 to 9 people, without separating on the way, the choice of a minibus is preferable. There are undeniable advantages to this type of transport. To begin with, it allows you to stay permanently grouped.

Second, it's much more environmentally friendly than a multi-car trip. Indeed, reducing the number of vehicles to be used for the same destination contributes greatly to the preservation of the environment.

The minibus is also convenient: it is much easier to go out in the city center with a minibus with a private driver, especially to find parking. Indeed, finding a parking space is a recurring problem in the urban environment. Parking is generally available for a fee, but it is also rare and difficult to find during busy times. Renting a 9-seat minibus is a guarantee of finding parking quickly.

Your private bus driver frees you from all schedule constraints. For example, you can ask him to wait for you while you enjoy a movie or a restaurant with friends.

Have you changed your mind about your destination? No problem: thanks to the flexibility of the 9-seater minibus rental formulas, your private bus driver will adapt to all your desires.

A cheap minibus 9 seats
In terms of budget, the cheap 9-seat minibus rental allows you to save money. For 9 people, the choice of two 5-seat individual vehicles would have led to much higher expenses. When you rent a minibus, you simply pay the amount established at the time of your order: we give you the price of your trip in complete transparency, to the nearest cent. As you can see, there is no extra charge for gas, parking or tolls. Practical, right?

Rental of minibus 9 places for private or company
Mini-bus rental is suitable for both private and corporate guests. For a family picnic, for example, the trunk of a 9-seater minibus offers the possibility to carry all the necessary equipment (folding chairs, plates, folding table, games for children, parasol, etc.), which is not always possible to do by car. Moreover, this private transport allows you to maintain a friendly atmosphere during the entire journey. Enjoy your loved ones without worrying about anything.

The private minibus is also perfect for a business trip. In the same way, you will be able to carry all the necessary equipment for your conference or meeting. It is also a place for discussion and exchange. Why not start the meeting now, by refining your presentation or meeting?

As part of a tourist outing, you benefit from the same advantages. While you visit Rabat, our beautiful capital, for example, your bus driver is waiting for you. It keeps with it your picnic, as well as the equipment you do not want to clutter yourself during your walk.