Shuttle and Transfer to Fès Saïss Airport

Shuttle and transfer services forFès Saïss AirportThe company GEG TRANSPORT has a very long experience in organizing transport shuttles both to and from Fez Saïss Airport. These shuttles are intended for both private and professional customers. This service allows you to book a shuttle from anywhere in Morocco to take you in time to Fez Saïss Airport or to pick you up from Fès Saïss Airport. When we pick you up at the Fez Saïss Airport, one of our employees will wait for you with a sign clearly and visibly displaying your name or the name of your company, if applicable, as well as your flight number.A professional and private driver with an official transport permit will then take you to the destination of your choice throughout Morocco.

Looking to reach Fez Saïss Airport from any city in the Kingdom? The company GEG TRANSPORT organize shuttles that pick you up wherever you are in Morocco to take you to Fès Saïss airport and make sure that you are there on time. Of course, we recommend the time when we will pick you up and arrive well in advance at Fez Saïss Airport.

Vehicles. The company GEG TRANSPORT offers a wide range of vehicles: sedans, minibuses, minivans, vehicles adapted for disabled people and many more. All our drivers have official transport permits. All our vehicles are modern, comfortable, insured and maintained according to the latest international standards. All our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning systems to allow you to travel in pleasant and optimal conditions.

Our service is provided all year round 7/7 and 24/24.